Comfortable in my 2010 skin

Thanks to all the Mrs. who shared their proposal stories, I really enjoyed reading them and visiting your blogs. I decided that while it was great to read everyone's story and find some source of inspiration that maybe there is hope for me, I also began to slow down and really analyze my life. I started this blog as a reaction to my manfriend not proposing. We have been together for a little over a year and I really thought that we would be engaged by now. So I found myself getting really sad and depressed with each passing event and no ring. Let's see, there was our 1 year anniversary in October, my birthday and a trip to Vegas in November, Christmas and of course, New Year's Eve in December. I am happy to say that as the new year rung in, I wasn't sad or depressed but just still. You know that kind of stillness that just brings an unexplainable calm over your entire being. In my stillness, I realized that I am blessed and that I am learning to appreciate my blessings. I won't front it would have been great to return from the holiday break (I'm a teacher) with my left hand a little heavier. But hey, I didn't and it doesn't decrease or minimize the feelings I have for my manfriend. I made a 2010 goal collage and guess what????? I decided to include getting married. I figured, hey it's a goal and I'm going to add it to my collage. Even though I don't plan on proposing to him, it felt good to put my marriage goal down on paper. It's actually kind of liberating. I feel like I just fully exposed the big, white elephant that's been in my life for years. So as we all make resolutions, intentions, and goals, I'm embracing the skin I'm in for 2010. I know it's sounds hokey but it's true. Our "skin" is different for a reason so let's pledge to embrace our "skin" this year. Your turn..what 2010 skin are you fully embracing?


Dawn said...

Hey... have you all talked about getting married? I mean the 'when we get married and have a life together this is what we want to do' kind of conversation ?
As a MS. who is married to husband number 3... never had a real wedding or one of those MOVIE ROMANCE proposals... more like a hey if we get married by the end of the year we get a great tax break! ones... and the court house can be really nice... when the renovations are done that is... But, the most important thing is that you appreciate your manfriend and he appreciates you. Don't miss out on your life with him now waiting for the life you think you will have.
Being confident in yourself and your choices... is really hard. I am struggling with this myself and have found my blog has given me back my VOICE... the one that I kept silent while I was trying to be what everyone expected me to be, instead of being who I really am... I am secure in my skin now... and I think I like the ME that see in the mirror a little more each day.

Christie-The ChatterBox said...

I totally love what Dawn said above! Especially "Don't miss out on your life with him now waiting on the like you think you will have." (BIG emphasis on THINK) And I know all too well about keeping the real "ME" silent! Acknowledging and embracing who you really are and not what you THINK you should be or what others EXPECT you to be is true freedom and love. Spread your wings and fly!

joanofalltrades said...

Don't sleep on MLK Day girl! How many people do you know that have gotten engaged on MLK day? You could be the first ;) On a serious note though, I think loving the skin you're in is a great idea. I think you are maintaining your sense of self through all of this and that is very important. Sometimes you have to just "do you" and the things that come about "coincidentally" are surprising.

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