Are there any "safe" channels?

So I'm off of work this week trying to enjoy my vacation by doing what....watching television of course. However, as I actively try to not think about my singleness I am reminded at every clip of the remote. I mean come on...can a sista get a break. I like the WE channel. Clearly, I had no idea that WE was actually short for weddings. I was watching reruns of The Game (first time watching this sitcom and LOVED it.) However, during every commercial break there was some promo for an upcoming show focusing on what???? You guessed it-WEDDINGS!!!!! They even have a show about pets getting married. Clearly, this will not make me feel any better. Damn, I know things are bad when dogs and cats are getting married and I'm still single. Today I have decided to chose my channels very carefully so I'm sticking with SyFy. What's the chances I'll see anything to do with marriage or weddings on SyFy? I hope zero.


joanofalltrades said...

On a lighter note...BET is picking up The Game for season 4. I can't wait! It is my favorite show. Melanie and Kelly on that show are actually good characters to examine. They both compromise way too much in their relationships, and why they are both married at some point, are they really happy? And was the ridiculous journey to get there even worth it?

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